THAT IS SICK™  is a Creative Clothing company that was started by a broke college student in a small Arizona apartment. 
THAT IS SICK™ supports the dreamers of the world and creatives in all aspects of Art, Expression, Travel, Intellect, Science, Passion, Music, and the Visual Arts. It celebrates listening to the voice deep inside each and everyone one of us that may have been repressed by more "realistic" people. We are the ones that fail and fall but get up and do it again. We are the space cadets. We are the underdogs. We are the ones they said would not make it. We are the ones. 
THAT IS SICK™ has been inspired by the following visionaries (in no order):
Leonardo Da' Vinci, Issac Newton, Satoshi Nokomoto, Phil Knight, Jesus Christ, King Solomon, Brad Pitt, Nikola Tesla, Joe Rogan, Christian Bale, Jesse Lacey, Tom Delonge, Tim Ferris, Bruce Wayne, Ryan Holiday, Sebastian the Youtuber, Pat Flynn, Dale Carnegie, Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey, Jay, Shia LaBeouf, Han Solo, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Danny, Stephen Grahm, Meet Kevin, J.P., Ryan from Austin, Beheza, Seth Godin, King David, Kanye West, and Albert Einstein.  
Its founder, Reed, meticulously designs every product himself.
THAT IS SICK™ values simplicity, creativity, and authenticity. TIS celebrates each person's inner "Dreamer" and thrive being "Unrealistic". They won't believe us until we show them the way.